Saturday, May 5, 2012

Hiker season kickoff

<p>I am currently at the atc headquarters in harpers ferry WV. I have agreed to answer questions for the public and the >press. I setup my tarp on the lawn and I've been giving demonstrations of how to use the gear


  1. Hi this is RED-DOG have you completed a thru if not what gives you the right to set up in harpers ferry like that. RED-DOG ( flip-flop 96 & GA-ME 2006 and again in 2012 i left springer 2-14-2012) i am currently at the church of the mountains hostel in the Delaware Water Gap.

    1. He's orange lightening duh

  2. Glad you are doing so well! We met you at the Hike Inn when you started! I enjoy following your hike through this blog and your pictures! - Pat

  3. This is SO COOL! How many pairs of shoes have you been through so far?

  4. Enjoyed your presentation, thanks for taking the time (wife and I were in the back of the room with the dog).

  5. Hope you can get a hold of the news papers that printed your story! That's really great you got a chance to do that.