Thursday, March 1, 2012

Hawk shelter

4 pm last night hawk shelter was filled to capacity. there was already tents and hammocks setup in the area around the shelter. When the weather service said severe thunderstorms, I retied the knots on my tarp and and realized my hammock was tied to a very tall dead looking tree. it was dark and I was tired I slept like a baby as strong winds rock my hammock


  1. Hey, good looking shelter shot! Question: this is photo on the morning after Wednesday storm, right?

    Got your phone message, thanks for that!! 'cause I hadn't gotten any pings from you yet. Figure that's because it was just the first day. 15 miles!! A good first day but a hairy first night.

    Know that you may still be on edge of some wild weather for Friday. Keep an eye on the sky and your e-gadgets.

    Is the trail crowded?

  2. Hi ~ I met you at the Hike Inn and will be following you as you hike and wishing you the best of luck! Hope you had a great day today in the sunshine and gorgeous weather. Take care!