Monday, January 16, 2012

5 day food bag

10 ounces of protein powder
10 ounces of milk powder
5 ounces of tang drink mix
10 ounces of dried fruit
10 ounces dried meat
5 ounces turkish coffee
5 ounces. Oatmeal
10 Ounce trail mix
2 Ounce chicken bullion
2 Ounce beef onion soup mix
8 Ounce maple syrup
8 ounce brown sugar
3 ounce olive oil
4 ounce seasonings
Dehydrated meals ,dietary supplements and candy bars make up another 2 pounds
I'll try to keep it under 8 pounds fully loaded


  1. That's similar to my food for a week! Then again, I figure every one out there will have similar grub.
    I found dehydrated butter for use in many meals, though I will bring a vial of olive oil also, I was trying to have as many completely pre-mixed meals as possible.

  2. Paul,

    Just saw the article on your upcoming Trek....GOOD FOR YOU! I remember working with you at various points during the summer while being a student at FIXit; you have always been extremely well prepared, organized and thorough. I wish you the best of luck with adventure and hope that it is better than you could imagine. Again good luck to you; it takes a lot to venture off on an adventure like that and I can only imagine what it would be like once you have completed your expedition.

  3. Thanks Paul, for sharing your preparations... it's a thrill for me to read along with your adventure!

  4. Triple your trailmix and jerkey, cut down to one spice, get yourself some peanut butter and honey instead of the syrup.